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Dear Susan,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me throughout my pregnancy, before and after too.  You not only helped me get into the best physical condition but also helped me emotionally and gave me a much more positive outlook.  I honestly don’t think I could have done any of this without you! It is thanks to you that Hattie is here today and we cannot thank you enough.

Each week you gave me the reassurance that I needed to know that my pregnancy was still progressing as it should be and you even became my agony aunt each week, mopping up my tears and offering hugs at exactly the right times.  You made me feel special and loved at a time in my life when I felt unworthy and at my lowest ebb due to recurrent miscarriage and encouraged me to see the light when it seemed so dark.

I don’t see you as just a professional who helped me, but a true friend who I could not be without. 

I thank you again from the bottom of my heart. 

All my love,                             

Sarah xxxxxx. (and Tom and Hattie….of course!)

Susan is the most fantastic holistic practitioner I have ever met. I am a GP by profession and researched infertility acupuncturists after having my own difficulties with conceiving. Having had a barrage of medical tests with no issues found, I decided to focus on well-being, weight loss and complementary therapies whilst waiting for my fertility appointment. I first met Susan in February 2022 when I was pretty negative about my chances of ever being a mother. She showed interest, compassion and kindness to me, things I value myself when consulting my own patients. She treated me like a human, alleviated my concerns and designed a course of acupuncture sessions to help with my fertility journey. She went out of her way to help me with my anxieties around conception, provided advice about supplements as well as support with meditation and mindfulness exercises. I had had 9 consultations with Susan when I found out I had conceived naturally. I continued to see Susan throughout my pregnancy up until 37 weeks and have now been blessed with a healthy baby. I will always be grateful to Susan for being there for me and my husband at a time that was so challenging in our lives. I could not recommend someone more highly – she is an absolute gem!

Dr Deb-Dhillon

Highly recommend Susan… If you want to have a successful pregnancy = book in now!  I started having fertility acupuncture 31 Dec 2020 due to recurrent silent miscarriages.  I was pregnant the following month and I am still successfully pregnant at 21 weeks.  We hadn’t got past 12 weeks previously.  Firstly the weekly sessions make the pregnancy weeks a little quicker knowing I was coming for a lovely pampering session.  More importantly she gave us lots of advice when trying to conceive and during pregnancy that we hadn’t thought of.  Susan has so much knowledge.  I am quite scientific and have a nursing background so I did wonder if it would make a difference but this was proven.  Susan diagnosed me with low b12 levels and when I spoke to my miscarriage specialist consultant in the NHS, I had my bloods checked and it was confirmed.  Even my consultant said she was correct!  I couldn’t have done my journey without Susan, her acupuncture treatment and her advice.  I have even been back for reflexology for relaxation purposes and have booked in again. Highly recommended even with the 1 hour of travelling each side.  Do give it a try and I will be recommending to all of my friends/family who are trying to conceive. xxx

Nicola Brewster, Worcester

I couldn’t recommend Susan enough. From the moment I walked through the door she promoted a positive and calming environment which allowed me to fully embrace each session. I have been seeing Susan since September 2021 because I started to question if I had Fertility issues so was undergoing tests. I didn’t realise how my Acupuncture journey would improve my lifestyle. I was encouraged to believe in myself and body. Susan recommended vitamins to take and foods to boost my Fertility. In December 2021 I got a positive pregnancy test, Susan was one of the first people I shared my news with. I continued to see her weekly to give my baby and I all the inner strength needed. The weeks flew past leading up to my 12 weeks scan. I had one strong baby growing inside me and discovered I had a bicornuate uterus (heart shape womb) which made me high risk. Acupunture supports your body to do what it was made for. Susan made it her mission to research my womb shape and continued to help me during my sessions. My 20/28/32/36 week scans passed. I saw Susan up until 5days before my birth. I am now a proud mother to a beautiful baby boy who is now 10 weeks old.

Alana, Birmingham

Susan treated me for many months, through fertility treatment and into my pregnancy. She always provided a calm environment and went above and beyond to help me out however I was feeling. I would definitely recommend!

Hayley Voltz

I went to Susan many times as I was suffering from depression and anxiety. Her care, knowledge and professionalism went beyond my expectations in many ways. She is knowledgeable and shares her passion for her work. She was dedicated to my well-being. She offered me advice in terms of daily habits to improve. She gave me information about myself which helped me take the lead on my healing. Our discussions helped me regain my self-confidence. I would highly recommend her services.

Emilie Raymond, Solihull

Wow…my second session with Susan was even better!!! My stiff neck and trapped nerve have now completely gone and I feel amazing. This is a very talented woman and she is totally HOLISTIC. Many people use the word holistic, but Susan does what it says on the tin!!! She treats the WHOLE you, not just your skin and muscles xxxxx SHE IS AWESOME…… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER.

Debbie Nami

A fantastic service received from Susan. A very lovely, warm, open, very kind and very understanding lady. Very professional and an expert in her industry. I would not hesitate to go back.


I developed neck & back tension as a result of being hunched over a computer at work all day Susan’s massages have loosened my shoulders and back relieving the tension . The ambiance is very relaxing, her massages are out of this world and I have left feeling like a new woman. Very happy customer. 

Grace, Birmingham


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