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QUALIFIED, PROFESSIONAL AND EXPERIENCED. As an experienced therapist, I have worked on board the prestigious Regent Seven Seas with a team of therapists with Canyon Ranch Spa Club, a world class 6 star cruise liner. During this time, I took great pleasure in building strong and longstanding relationships with people from all backgrounds and nationalities from all around the world.

Being a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists I am fully insured, vetted and always up to date with legislation and industry standards.     You are guaranteed to see the same therapist every time at all times.

“The products that I use are really important to me”, she says, “and therefore never compromising on their quality, believing instead in using only the most luxurious organic, ethically sourced products”.

Although based locally on the South Birmingham/North Warwickshire border I also provide treatments across the UK.  My friendly, helpful, flexible and knowledgeable approach has helped me to forge relationships with hundreds of satisfied clients, who appreciate a tailored experience.

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Some information about Massage & Touch Therapy…

Since ancient civilisation almost 2500 years ago people have discovered that massage and touch therapy have several health benefits.  Massage now has evolved as a holistic method which is practised around the globe for healing from pain and relief from stress.

Tense and over or under stretched muscles can cause the body to lose its natural balance.  This can lead to pain and anxiety.  It can soon spread as a chain reaction throughout the body.  Experienced massage therapists will be able to find the source of the problem and thus begin the healing process.  This in turn may be able to assist a person with eliminating a dependence on pain medication.

Massage therapy helps release endorphins into the body, which will induce pain relief.  It reduces depression and anxiety from the body and helps to improve the condition of the skin. Research shows that office workers who regularly take massage are found more cheerful and active in there day to day activities.  On the other hand people who don’t take any sort of massage, find themselves in stress and fatigue.

Massage therapy has a multitude of other benefits such as blood pressure control, immune system boosting, better digestion, infant growth, sports-related injuries, anxiety, pain, depression and tension in patients suffering from burns to name a few. Newly born babies also benefit from massage therapy; it helps them grow faster than normal children.

Cancer patients find it relaxing after receiving massage therapy.  It also increases lymph flow and stimulates weak muscles.  Also reducing cramps in the body. It is very important that massage therapy should be carried out by qualified therapists and not by amateurs.

People who are suffering from wounds, fractures and other related problems should consult their doctor’s before taking the massage therapy. Life is short so enjoy the sweet moments with love and joy…

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