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Further Holistic Treatments


£50 – 1 hour

Cupping is a powerful holistic therapy that has been used for thousands of years. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction, which can lift the skin and underlying muscles. The suction lifts and draws blood to the surface area being cupped, which stimulates energy flow through the body. This treatment is generally used to treat pain and soreness in muscles and joints, as well as other conditions like fatigue, insomnia, and digestive issues.

Following on from Fertility acupuncture on my services page, I highlighted that cupping can complement this treatment. Past experience has taught me that Cupping encourages blood flow which in turn helps rejuvenate your organs, which is vital in terms of Fertility.

Massage (Optimum Health)

£50 – 1 hour

This treatment specialises in helping with the stresses and strains of everyday life, specifically tailored to address areas of concern such as frozen shoulder, lower back pain and sciatica.  

My unique method of treatment is to focus on Acupressure points on both the arms and the back to help release tension and pain.  Along with Acupressure I can use Acupuncture if appropriate.  This is optional and more intense to increase pain relief and healing.   

Rest assured I will work with you for the best results in relaxation and optimum health.

Hopi Ear Candles & Relaxing Head & Scalp Massage

£40 – 1 hour

This traditional treatment uses high quality CE Certified BIOSUN natural ear candles made from honey, beeswax, herbs, and pure essential oils including filters. Whilst remaining fully clothed and lying on your side with your head supported with pillows and blankets promoting relaxation and calmness.

The ear candles create a gentle suction bringing about a balance of pressure in the ears, forehead, and sinuses. This treatment is soothing and may help with earache, sore throat, headaches, tinnitus, hay fever, stress, and nervousness.

As part of this treatment I include essential oils to help relive pressure from the head and sinuses whilst using acupressure points massaging across the head and scalp.

“Biosun ear candles are the only ear candles in Europe to have a Medical Device Classification, which is a much higher level of safety standards to obtain. In order to have the CE level IIa classification Biosun have to adhere to a very strict quality control procedure during their manufacturing process.”

Perforated ear drums, tubes or grommets, ear surgery or allergies to essential oils are contra indicated for this treatment and should seek medical attention.


£50 – 1 hour

This relaxing facial treatment encorporates a scalp massage which opens your senses by using pure and natural unadulterated pure essential oils to achieve glowing and healthy skin.  This experience focuses on the massage tailored with my knowledge of skin-specific oils to give you the best results possible.

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