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China Blog Day 3

26 March 2019



“The lake and park are a huge deal for the community and it’s clear the community have a strong connection with the outdoors and nature.”

The alarm is sounding for me to get out of bed it’s 6 a.m. (not a familiar time for my usual routine).  I open the electrically operated curtains to find beautiful sunshine behind them with a gorgeous blue sky.   

I have to pinch myself that it’s only day 2 and I have already seen so much in the Hospital, today was another fulfilling day absolutely packed with seeing patients.  The Doctor’s are fantastic and I am surprised at how well they speak English.  One doctor seeing around 30 patients in an hour is incredible.  It was wonderful to see a whole range of different techniques of administering Acupuncture. 

We had a lecture today on scalp Acupuncture and it was so interesting with so much to learn.   

I have forgotten to mention in my previous blog that I have hired a city bike during my stay here in Hangzhou.   With bicycle racks on almost every street corner it makes getting around Hangzhou really accessible.   Today Merle (my college) and I cycled over to the Park during the lunch break to be in for such a treat, locals were dancing everywhere, it was so beautiful to see (mostly mature generation) smiling and so happy.  The lake and park are a huge deal for the community and it’s clear the community have a strong connection with the outdoors and nature, people dancing everywhere giving you a sense of well-being and inclusion.

We lock the bikes up and walk on over to a Street Vendor who was cooking Tofu, it’s difficult to describe the taste but I haven’t tasted Tofu as delicious as this back home.  The food is fantastic.  We then sat on a wall next to the lake and dipped our feet into the water to cool them down, soaking up the beautiful culture of Hangzhou.

The city has a lovely vibe, the people are really welcoming and the city itself feels like a very safe place to be.

Before I knew it, the second half of the day had come to an end at the hospital so I took my bike and cycled back to the hotel. On my way back I was delighted to see the night market was being set up so I dismounted my bike and took a leisurely walk through the market before retiring for the evening.

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