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2024 – The Year of the Wood Dragon

2024 – The Year of the Wood Dragon

The 10th of February 2024 brings us a new energy, the energy is strong, bursting forth new life as we near spring.  The mythical creature ‘the dragon’ is what the Chinese celebrate as their new year as this draws close, fondly known as ‘the year of the dragon’.

Seen as possessing magical powers, the Chinese dragon is viewed culturally and spiritually as opposed to the monsters that breathe fire of Western culture. Wise and powerful, the dragon symbolises confidence, adventurousness, courage and is seen to represent success, luck, prosperity, nobleness and ambition. Also honour, dignity and authority are other words used to describe this mythical creature.

This display is energetically out of balance in many countries showing up as anger, rage and aggression.  With the force of this energy bringing in great strength, we can hope for something positive, bringing forth a balanced wood energy.   With a healthy clear vision this could put a stop to power-hungry greed, facilitating great change to help solve problems courageously and foster harmony.

The manifestation is Yang energy and therefore the wood dragon could bring forth excess cold and damp, humidity and rain.

To protect ourselves from these elements we can drink warm clear broths, wrap up warm, wear scarfs to guard against the elements, all of which help dispel the cold.  

Purchase a de-humidifier to remove excess moisture from the air. This could lead to improved sleep, decrease anxiety and an improvement in mental health.

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