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“Courage and resolve are something that I would like to cultivate to help me grow and move forward”.

I am excited that I will be spending some time in London, The Big Smoke where I will be looking to extend my therapies and have a secondary market. London is diverse, and people are busily working towards trying to build futures for themselves.

You may well be asking why London, well it’s the biggest city to start with and then there is the culture, the buzz, the farmer’s markets are exciting, I can’t get enough of them.

You can wear quirkily printed trousers and feel okay as the person next to you is probably wearing something quirkier.

Courage and resolve are something that I would like to cultivate to help me grow and move forward.

The short time I have been here I have been fortunate to make a friend, she owns a coffee shop on Askew Road, West London, Detour Café, she serves amazing coffee, and the smoothies are to die for, and the service is outstanding.

I will be spending a few days North London and four days in Birmingham as I have loyal clients that I care about and love to see them and most important my beautiful Mother who is a fan of my treatments and this means more than anything to me.

My treatments in London will offer a mobile service for women in North West London and surrounding areas, and I want to help women to find balance by taking care of themselves as they take on more responsibility in their lives.

It is so important that as we push ourselves harder, to remember that taking care of ourselves is much more than just a hair cut and my belief is that when we are committed to self-care, we live a much happier life.

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