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By Susan Prosser

“Be gentle with yourself and others”

I don’t think any of us could have imagined what is currently happening around the world which has now started to affect our communities, with the challenges and uncertainty that lies ahead of us throughout the coming weeks and possibly months this is really quite a frightening time for us all.

Uncertainty is unsettling for most people, forcing us to make changes about how we think and review everything we do. As we try together to understand and to make sense of what is happening.  What appeared important only a few days ago doesn’t bear any significance to me now and life has certainly shifted massively whilst I type these words.

My duty of care is to protect those I love around me. Including my patients and the community during this scary time therefore I have decided to temporarily close my practice.

Many of my patients have become extended family for me and I will miss you very much.

Personally I have decided to manage how much of the news I expose myself to as 2-3 doses a day of this is enough to send anybody crazy.

Adaptability and endurance is now our reality. Humility will take Centre stage.  Whilst preparing a strong mind and cultivating resilience getting ready for all of the changes ahead of us I feel deep compassion.  

Keeping our immune systems strong both mentally and physically is now even more important than ever.  Setting up video messaging for someone could be the difference between feelings of isolation and confusion to feelings that somebody cares.  Connection with good intentions and a kind heart can be medicine.

Talking, listening to music, drawing, painting, cooking, laughing and patience will become a focus to take myself to a happier place and I may also start learning a new language as I have wanted to learn Italian for quite some time now.  I also hope to bring you some joy and inspiration with my blogs, so keep a Journal, diary, reach out and re-connect.

Be gentle with yourself and others, be well and be mindful of those vulnerable around us by protecting, supporting and looking after each other as every one of us has our part to play.

Also I would like to reach out by letting you know that if anyone would like to talk as this may help in a small way then my contact number is 07898 832424. 

I have included a few reliable links that hopefully will help.

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