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Chinese New Year – Year of the Metal Ox


Chinese New Year – Year of the Metal Ox


“One of the ancient beliefs in Shintoism is that the cow possesses the power to cure disease”.


Following such a turbulent year, we are desperate to return to normality with a sense of wellness and develop a sense of freedom and safety.  Every one of us will have our interpretation of 2020.

The Chinese New Year is almost with us, and floating lanterns will light up the sky as people hit the streets, although this year will undoubtedly be different.

Ancient superstitions believe that the sounds of the drums are forcing any unwanted spirits away. The Lion and Dragon dances should fill the streets of many of the world’s major cities.  Hopeful citizens will gather to celebrate and look towards the coming year of the metal ox with the hope of filling their lives with a sense of renewed health and prosperity throughout the New Year.

The Ox who lives in an agricultural environment symbolises a good harvest.  Persistence, honesty and diligence all outstanding characteristics, make for healthy contributions to society.

Those born in the years associated with The Ox have many more positive characteristics, such as being robust, reliable, patient, trustworthy, and known for their calmness, making them great leaders.  They have a strong sense of responsibility as well as a strong sense of justice.

Chinese astrology predicts, 2021 career prospects will be stable for the Ox.  By strengthening your morale, you can address any potential adversities thrown your way.  Ensure that you work hard with your strong work ethic and compromise with others.  Stay patient with yourself and act out of kindness and love.

Lucky numbers are 1 and 9, colours yellow, white and green with lucky flowers, tulips, and lucky bamboo.

One of the ancient beliefs in Shintoism is that the cow possesses the power to cure disease. Visitors would travel from afar with ailments to be healed by touching that particular area of their body and then touching the equivalent part on the cow’s statue.

In parts of Japan, The Red cow/ox (Akabeko) gets crafted using papier-mache or wood to form a body with a bobbing head.  Aizu legend has it they used a cow/ox to build a temple in the region during the ninth century.  The legend grew that the cow/ox could drive away smallpox and other diseases.  There are multiple shrines throughout Japan, and it’s believed that touching or rubbing the cow/ox will bring good luck.

So move over Metal Rat, you’re not riding on my head this year, I am going to win the race!

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