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China Blog Day 5

28 March 2019


By Susan Prosser

“She watched and came over smiling and gently corrected what we were doing..”

As the sun began to rise over the Lake this morning it was like a picture postcard.  With a mist gently and slowly rolling over the lake as the sun began to rise, the sun would soon be burning the mist away, another wonderful start to the day.

Merle, Sue and I had cycled over to the lake to practice Qigong at 6.30 a.m. and to watch the sun rise over the lake.  As we arrived, we discovered that at least a hundred local people each day congregate next to the lake to practice their chosen method of exercise, a beautiful sight to see.  It was very much a communal area, small groups of people had gathered and some practiced whilst listening to their small radio’s that were placed on the floor.  Mostly Qigong was being practiced but some people were walking where others were stretching and some even dancing.  We found a space to begin our warm up when after ten minutes into our practice we noticed a beautiful Chinese lady wearing a regal looking purple martial arts suit observing us.  She watched and came over smiling and gently corrected what we were doing and shared with us some of her practice, it was delicate and almost poetic, at the same time assertive with great strength, I will never forget this day.  

We soon realised that time had moved on so we made a mad dash for our bikes to grab some street food before heading on over to the hospital for yet another full on intense day with the doctors.  I observed more of the systems that are new to me, one of which was Umbilicus Acupuncture which isn’t allowed in the UK and they also showed us the Turtle, which is an acupuncture system that is practiced but was completely new to me.  We also learned scalp Acupuncture which has a different number system, a lot to take in but enough to get started.  The new protocols are busily being processed around my brain trying to catch up with the excitement of helping others once I return home to England.

Whilst waiting on the corridor bench I noticed a baby with needles in his scalp so I went over to take a look, his Mom smiled at me happily allowing me to touch his hand and look at the needles.  I also spotted a young boy with needles in his scalp with an electric portable machine attached to his waist walking down the corridor of the hospital with his Mom by his side.  Such a wonderful experience to have, seeing these children’s health improving through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It felt like it had been a long day so on the way back to the hotel I passed by the night market to enjoy some more street food and a bottle of cold Chinese beer. :o)  

See you tomorrow.

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