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China Blog Day 1

Blog Day 1

Just arrived in China, I almost can’t believe I am here and my smile is so big I must look like a Cheshire Cat.  I feel alive and full of anticipation, so ready to soak up Hangzhou, learning as much as I possibly can during my 2 week stay. After checking in I take the lift to my room on the seventeenth floor.  The long flight has definitely had an affect but I must be running on adrenaline and the sheer excitement of being here in China as I don’t look or feel tired but know I must be, I haven’t slept for 24 hours.  

West Lake (Xi Hu) is located in the South-West of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and is situated southwest of Shanghai, the lake is approximately a 10 minute bike ride from the hotel.  As I am on the 17thfloor I am fortunate to have a great view of the lake.  The travel book claims that Hangzhou is the “Paradise on Earth”and it has inspired many painters for centuries.  I cannot wait to see the lake in its full glory tomorrow.

As soon as my bags had been dropped off, I had a quick shower and went straight out into Hangzhou.  I headed towards Chenghuang (City God) Temple to get some air before a good nights sleep.   As I neared the top of the temple I could hear the gentle echo of a beautiful sounding bell, the temple gave me a feeling of peace.  After completing the long journey to get here the next step is to get to Hangzhou Hospital early the next day.  Tomorrow will be my first day at the hospital and I feel exited and ready to learn lots of new things.  I noticed whilst out exploring today that Hangzhou doesn’t appear to have many other people visiting from the West.

Back at the hotel the lift carried me to the seventeenth floor, arriving back at my room I find another great surprise, my delightful room is furnished with a corner office station that will be perfect for writing my blog.  It’s a huge room with a great shower and I am really pleased I have a kitchen with a fridge.

Upon exploring my new environment I am sat playing with the curtains as they are electrically operated, the windows out to the City are enormous and I have the best view of the City and the sky scrappers, it’s now dark and the twinkling lights look fabulous.

Having completed the long journey to get here, the next step is Hangzhou Hospital.  We have agreed to meet in the lobby of the hotel at 7.45 a.m. ready to pick up our white tunics and badges and then onto the induction at the Hospital. It’s seeming like everything is going to happen so fast as the pace here feels much quicker than at home, I had better try to sleep in this ginormous bed, so for now goodnight until tomorrow.

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